These 5 Habits Are Considered Reasonable but Turns Out To Impact Health, Many people are not aware of daily habits which can affect health and interfere with appearance. People just realized after the impact was seen.

1. Sit with your legs crossed
For women sitting with their legs crossed, they will give a graceful impression. However, sitting in that position turns out to have an impact on health because it can reduce blood flow to the feet which can cause problems such as varicose veins.
In addition, this position can also cause back pain and reproductive problems. This results from the pressure applied to the foot for a certain period of time.

2. Rub and comb your hair after shampooing
After shampooing your hair will be more fragile. Rubbing with a towel can damage the hair. While combing after shampooing can make hair fall out more.
Change the habit by drying the hair using a towel by pulling it in one direction from top to bottom. That will reduce hair damage.

3. Touching the face
Many people touch their faces several times a day without realizing it. Though hands are often not in clean condition.
Touching the face can cause some skin problems. Irritations and pimples often occur because dirt and bacteria accumulate in the hands that rub into the face when you touch them.

4. Use sunblock face
Many people apply sunblock only to the face area. Though the use of sunblock like in the hands, neck and legs is also very important to inhibit early treatment due to sun exposure.

5. Sleep without removing makeup
Removing makeup on the face is very important to avoid buildup of makeup that can block the pores of the face.
The accumulation of dirt can cause infection which can later become acne. Before going to bed, do not forget to clean make up and wash your face, continue with applying moisturizers to treat the face.

Reference : Steptohealth, Liputan6

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